About Us

Company info:
C.O.C Inc. was founded in 1989 and for almost 3 decades, we have provided plus size apparel worldwide. Our key to success is to be able to accommodate all types of customers. From the chain stores with over 600 retail locations to small boutique shops out in the suburbs, we study the location and your target customers to provide you with the best possible styles. Our communication with our clients, our feedbacks from our customers allow us to be right in the shoes of a retailer. We continuously invest our efforts to update our designs to satisfy our core customers.

Our Job:
We are a Manufacturer and Importer. There’s nothing that we can’t make here or import from China. We have a handful of designers that love to design and take on the challenge. We also understand that consumers are becoming more price aware of the products that they purchase. This is why we erase all the middle man prices so that you, as a retailer, can carry the quality merchandise in your stores, with the lowest possible price point.

Our Strengths:
Satisfaction- While other companies design and produce their styles and guess if they will move or not. C.O.C Inc. design, produce and makes sure style moves in the appointed locations. We get a great feel for styles that are hot from our retailer’s feed backs. Our customer service is based on the product feedbacks. We always make time to get in contact with the retailers to see if they are satisfied with their purchase. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

Price point - We try to do everything direct. Direct from our factories, direct from China, direct from the source. We take on the responsibilities of going direct so that you, as a retailer, can enjoy the price points.

Selections - We have a great team of designers and buyers for our company. We usually have around 20 to 30 samples out each week. Depending on the styles or the type of line that you request, we can provide a variety of selection of samples for you.

Our Backbone:
We have a great team out in China for all of our imports. Our China staffs are well trained to provide the quality that our domestic products have. We also work very closely with our freight forwarders to make sure that we get the best rates possible.


1019 San Julian st.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
United States
Tel: 213-741-0099
Fax: 213-741-0089
Email: cocmartin@gmail.com